I offer instruction in the skills of cake decorating and /or the art of making sugar flowers. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, so whether you are wanting to learn a new skill or improve on your current knowledge (or just have some fun and meet new people), there is a course that will suit your needs.


The program is aimed at teaching specific skills and techniques for those who passionately and seriously want to learn the skill and art of cake decorating. Cake decorating is a skill that is learned over time and mastered over time. The same way as it takes a number of years to learn the skill and art of hairdressing, lace making, glass blowing or baking, so it is with cake decorating.


I endeavor to re-skill, uplift and impart a trade in my teaching practices and methods. This outline provides an idea of the skills that are taught throughout the year's schedule. Other projects may be added or omitted, depending on the classes needs and requirements during the year. The schedule is in no particular order of execution.


Classes are available during evenings, mornings and Saturdays. Please note that there is a separate schedule for the sugar flower classes not posted to the website due to space constraints. 

I also offer short courses and tailored packages for those wanting to focus their training within specific elements or areas.


Please email for further information on the classes.